Monthly Archives: February 2019

Long time no see

Not to give the game away or anything, but Happy New Year.

Yes, this is my first Moodnudges post of 2019.

It’s been a long time, right?

I hope your own year has got off to a good start, and thanks to a number of readers who have been kind enough to enquire about me in my absence.

Thankfully I’ve stayed healthy and in a pretty good state of mind.

So why the silence?

Well, back in December I wrote that I was looking into guided imagery as a possible emotional well-being tool, and it’s that which has kept me busy.

Actually, you can sample some of my progress a little down the page.

For the past couple of months, it’s felt best that I should work away at learning more about how to help people create “mind pictures,” allowing myself to make mistakes, then improvements, without exposing the world to my embarrassing attempts.

I can tell you, there have been more than a few of those.

My learning process has partly involved listening to experts’ recordings, then re-writing and re-recording some of them.

It’s turned out to be a great way to acquire knowledge from some highly talented practitioners.

An amusing side note: when I recorded an experimental piece designed to help with sleep, it took herculean efforts to get it edited, as it kept making me want to drop off.

Although I’ve come a long way, there’s still further to go. But I do feel somewhat comfortable about sharing a recent recording.

I’ll be delighted for you to try it out, and as ever will be super-grateful if you can leave me some feedback on the Moodnudges blog.

I can tell you, I learned a ton when many commented on my first attempt last November.

I promise you, I’ve improved since then.

Just to prepare you, the recording is 17 minutes long, and you’ll need to find the time to focus on it somewhere comfortable, hopefully where you won’t be disturbed.

Important: No listening while driving, please.

The theme of this session is about opening your mind to thinking differently.

I really hope you’ll find it of value.

And as I said, all feedback will be very gratefully received.

Here’s the recording.