5 useful tips for getting better sleep.

Spending a night in noisy surroundings recently left me a bit sleep-deprived the following morning. It ended up being one of those days when you feel as though you’re walking on the moon, or in a river of treacle.

Getting good quality sleep is essential, yet a low mood can mean you don’t get the shut-eye you need.

And of course it needn’t necessarily be dampened spirits keeping you awake. It might be anxiety. Or even excitement.

Time to turn to Liz Hoggard’s book ‘How To Be Happy’ for five top tips on getting a good night’s sleep. I’m sure they’ll be familiar, but we all sometimes need a reminder of even very obvious principles:

1. A good night’s sleep is normally preceded by a drop in core body temperature, so don’t do vigorous physical exercise, eat spicy food or have the electric blanket on just before you go to sleep.

2. Dairy products are rich in trytophan, an amino acid that also acts as a hypnotic, hence the popularity of milky drinks to aid slumber.

3. Eating a meal three hours before bedtime (not after that) can help you sleep.

4. Keep your bedroom as peaceful, airy and dark as possible.

5. Pay off your accumulated sleep debt by going to bed half an hour earlier for a few weeks.

Sleep well tonight.

2 thoughts on “5 useful tips for getting better sleep.

  1. I’ve seen, personally, that the reduction in female hormones in women during and after menopause can also seriously disrupt sleep. I have benefited greatly by applying estradiol gel and progesterone gel these last few years after experiencing several years of insomnia. Insufficient sleep wreaked havoc on my quality of life and overall health and mood. But I’ve found that regaining sufficient sleep takes time, planning and patience.
    I benefit from your blogs and thank you for your consistency and perseverance. I think you help many people.

  2. I have real trouble sleeping, whatever time I go to bed I wake around 3am, then cannot to get back to sleep again, I have tinnitus which doesn’t help.
    I seem to do all the right things, I don’t drink alcohol at all for some reason doesn’t agree with me, my father was the same. Don’t smoke. Don’t watch tv in the bedroom. Drink decaffeinated, herbal teas, don’t drink coffee. Gave up on antidepressants and mood stablizers realised they weren’t stopping me from the black dog, so what were they doing, just giving me horrid side affects, so I manage best can, with the highs and lows, which is never easy. I play sleep cds have yet to find one that is really any good for me, I think whoever is talking I need to be in tune with, some of them talk loud and really quick, not at all calming.
    Does anyone have any good remedies??
    Bye for now

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