Being comfortable with who you are is like a favourite pair of shoes.

What do we actually mean when we say shoes are comfortable?

I suspect it’s simply that they don’t rub or pinch. That they’re neither too tight nor too loose. And that when we’ve slipped them on, we more or less forget we’re wearing them.


I wonder whether something similar applies to the idea of being comfortable with who we are?

Just as we may not really stop to think about our favourite pair of shoes, the fundamental principle of accepting ourselves for who and what we are has little to do with pride or consciousness, but is instead about getting on with things without constantly fretting that our life doesn’t fit us.

Of course we can all occasionally make fundamental changes to our circumstances, and sometimes life does that for us, whether we like it or not. Broadly speaking though, we are who we are.

You could have a few pairs of shoes stashed away in a cupboard somewhere, one of which is more comfortable than the rest. You can choose to wear these whenever you like.

In the same way, there may be more than one ‘you’. Perhaps you behave differently in different circumstances, and with different people? I know I do.

But which of them is the equivalent to those comfy shoes?

Maybe it’s a good day to be yourself, and in particular to be the self you’re most comfortable with?

One thought on “Being comfortable with who you are is like a favourite pair of shoes.

  1. This nudge really made think as I’ve recently struggled with modifying my behaviour i.e. wearing shoes that pinch- in different circumstances which can be quite exhausting.

    Being comfortable with who I am is a ‘work in progress’ but I really do want more days in comfy shoes than ones that pinch!

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