Hello, and a very warm welcome to Moodnudges. I’m Jon Cousins. The posts here are all my own work.

Who am I? In business I guess you’d describe me as a serial entrepreneur with a colourful series of start-ups behind me. Personally? Well although most people who know me would perhaps say I was a happy and relatively well-adjusted kind of guy, the truth is that I’ve struggled with frequent bouts of depression for the greater part of my adult life.

In 2007 I sought help from my doctor in the UK (where I then lived – I’m now happy to be based in California’s San Francisco Bay area) and was referred to a psychiatrist who, suspecting I could be suffering from bipolar affective disorder, suggested I keep a record of my mood for a few months.

The upshot was that I invented a way of tracking moods using a kind of card game of my own design, that went on to be used online by thousands. In the process, I stumbled upon the notion that (a) measuring and tracking your mood can in and of itself make you feel better, and (b) automatically sharing your scores with other people can amplify and accelerate the mood-lifting effect. In short, share your mood scores – generally with someone you already know – and you could well feel better, faster.

I also spent a few years writing and publishing daily inspirational messages, designed to gently suggest actions and tips which in themselves could help to lift the mood of those who, like me, suffer from tough times now and then.

People who read these messages told me they worked, so in May 2014 I started this blog where I’ll post regular ‘mood nudges’ which will do their level best to raise your level of wellbeing, even if it’s just a little. Well, every bit counts, and we all need all the help we can get.

I hope you’ll enjoy them, and strongly suggest that you sign up to get the posts direct by email. Lots of people have said this is the best way to read them.

The posts are 100% free. I’m more than happy to play my part in lifting your mood, if I can. From time to time I may gently point you in the direction of ‘products’ to buy that help me sustain the work (such as e-books – one’s already in the pipeline). But you’re under absolutely no obligation, nor do I ever plan to over-promote. I want you to feel better, not bombard you with stuff.

Welcome again to Moodnudges. Here’s to happy days for all of us.