If you’re Kermit, it makes sense to accept being green.

Kermit had a point when he grumbled that it’s not easy being green.

His argument was that being green made him blend in with so many things, which sort of ignores the evolutionary benefits of camouflage, but we do get what he meant.

The big thing, of course, is that Kermit was, is, and always will be green.

You’re a frog for goodness’ sake, man.


It’s easy to believe that things would be different for you if they weren’t as they are.

You’d be happier if you did this or that.

You’d be better off if things were different.

You’d be more content if only, if only.

Sometimes, of course, change is possible.

But only sometimes.

So if you can’t change something, isn’t it better to simply accept it?

If you’re a frog, you’re green, and that’s the way it’s always going to be.

Surely only a muppet could disagree with that?

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