Accept the parts of life you can’t control

Of course, everyone knows how to turn their bathroom taps on and off.

I’m getting used to American plumbing, which generally positions a second set of taps in the pipes hidden away under your bathroom sink, allowing a plumber to work on the upper taps without needing to turn the water off at the main (generally somewhere outside the house, or perhaps under the kitchen sink).

99% of the time you’ll only ever need to operate the taps on the sink itself. To be honest, few people even know how to turn the water off at the main. That’s something they leave to the plumber.

In a similar way, during the coming day there will be some things you can control, and it’s mostly wise to exert your powers in this regard.

There may be others, though, over which you’ll have no control, and with these perhaps it’s wisest to simply accept this?

Control what you can. Accept what you can’t.

9 thoughts on “Accept the parts of life you can’t control

  1. This week i have had to control my anxiety levels due to a medical intervention that happened this morning. I worried like hell the entire week , i’ve even had anxiety attacks for the first time in 20 years…..but this morning walking towards the unit I realised that I had to let go and trust in the doctors and relinquish my need to control everything. The exam is now over, i was right to trust them and yes it’s ok to let go

  2. I can’t help but think of the Serenity prayer as I read todays Moodnudge.

    “God grant me the Serenity
    To accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can and
    Wisdom to know the difference “

  3. The lawyer two up in my property chain is incompetent and an exchange that was supposed to happen Wedsnesday is not done yet. Very hard to handle this thing I have no way to control. I can control packing so am getting on with that.

    1. I think you have said it yourself. You cannot control the lawyer two up so perhaps acceptance of that would lower your stress over the situation? He may appear incompetent to you right now but is that a snap judgement? Sorry if I sound like I am getting at you but our minds can lead us down paths we have not given full thought to !

      Good luck with your move and remember it WILL happen and most people suffer some setbacks when moving property!

      Here, have a friendly smile from me 🙂 Yours to keep !

  4. I need to print this out and glue it inside my purse! I know its what I need to do but am finding it hard. Thanks for the nudge though.

  5. I don’t like people trying to control me. They may not realise they are doing it and so I do try to point it out. However the other person/people/organisation may not see their behaviour as controlling but as helpful. Much of it is about perception and how the controlling behaviour is making us feel. It’s a good idea to walk away from it but often that is not possible. It’s difficult to ignore though. I suppose one must detach oneself from controlling behaviour and not let our lives be affected negatively by it. Try to find a way round control.

    1. Recognising controlling behaviour for what it is, as you have done, gives you some power at least over your own reactions and decision-making – even if you can’t turn off the stopcock! Good luck with your situation 🙂

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