How to make proper use of all five senses today

You can go about your day, head down, noticing nothing.

You can go about your day oblivious to all around you.

Or you can go about your day drinking in all that your surroundings have to offer.

So which seems like the better way to go about your day?


It would be easy to jump to the conclusion that noticing the world around you just means keeping your eyes open, but don’t you have five senses?

Breathe deep and savour the day’s smells, as a bloodhound might.

Take note of every aroma, whether stinking or perfumed.

Perhaps someone’s cooking.

What does a particular shop smell of?

What do you sniff as you walk past trees or plants?

Touch whatever’s around you.

Run your fingertips over the table top, noticing its texture and temperature.

Touch your own skin.

Touch someone else’s (if they’re not already a friend, best to ask first).

Touch the water puddled on top of a wall after rain.

Explore the taste of everything you eat and drink today.

Does that glass of water really taste of nothing?

Notice the saltiness, or lack of it, in food.

How does sweetness taste?

Do all sweet foods taste the same?

When is sour nice, when is it not?

Listen out for every little sound.

Clue: there’s nearly always more than one at any given moment.

Is a clock ticking somewhere?

Is there a distant voice?

Perhaps there’s music, or a lawn-mower, or traffic, or an aircraft?

Maybe all of these and more.

Finally, yes, open your eyes.

Look where you normally might not.

Up, down and behind rather than simply in front.

Look through squinting eye lids.

Focus up close while looking long distance (don’t try this while driving though).

Look at the familiar as if for the first time.

It’s a richer world when you take notice of it.

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