All things bright and colourful.

I’ve a very clear memory of coming out of hospital after an operation when I was really quite young.

On the way home everything around me looked stunningly clear, colourful and super-real.

Perhaps you’ve experienced a similar feeling yourself?

It’s probably caused by spending time in an environment in which your senses are dulled.

Generally in hospital there’s not much variety around you.

It’s an environment, after all, designed to keep patients calm and (as far as possible) relaxed.

When you’ve been in such an uninspiring place, it’s more than likely that you’ll notice every single thing when you’re released from it.

Noticing your surroundings (really noticing them) can play a big part in how you feel.

Seeing the things about you, and properly taking notice of them, is a sure way to feel good.

It’s a big, colourful, sense-stimulating world out there – as long as you keep your eyes and ears open.

Next time you venture outside (please don’t leave it long), drink in your surroundings.

When you start looking, there’s a lot to see.

2 thoughts on “All things bright and colourful.

  1. Thanks Jon. I like to carry a camera around with me. It helps me notice things more as I look around for interesting things to take pictures of.

    Have a great day!

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