Why it’s always a good day to be kind to others

Setting out just now to write a few words about kindness, I decided I’d first check the origin of the word ‘kind’.

Now I probably should have thought about this before, but there’s (I suppose obviously) shared heritage between the words ‘kind’ and ‘kin’. ‘Kin’ meaning family.

So technically if I tell you that you’ve been very kind to me, I’m letting you know that you’ve treated me as if we were both from the same family – which is all rather heartening, I reckon.

Although there’s probably not enough kindness in the world, it’s a resource that’s theoretically unlimited. Unlike coal, oil or gas it needn’t necessarily run out, as long as you and I keep generating it.

In general, kindness is contagious. If you’re kind to me, I’m more likely to be kind to someone else, and they’re more likely to pass it on to others too.

Even better, kindness is a gift that rewards the giver. When you show kindness to another person, your own reward system is also given a boost.

Great acts of kindness are fantastic. But lots of little acts build up to produce a similar effect too.

So why not be kind to yourself today, by being kind to others?

3 thoughts on “Why it’s always a good day to be kind to others

  1. Thank you Jon. Kindness. Little tiny stitches of good deeds and thoughts , that make up a beautiful garment of a life well lived.

  2. My husband is especially kind, which makes me very grateful in hard times. I just have to work at not feeling like a failure for needing extra help sometimes, being considerate and kind back helps.

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