Are you relaxed? Are you sure?

As you read this, I’d like you to simultaneously become conscious of your body, and in particular how tense it may be.

When I did the same myself a couple of minutes ago, I found I was gritting my teeth, hunching up my shoulders and inexplicably tensing my fingers.


The man’s a bundle of nerves.

Check out your own body, though.

Maybe you’re wonderfully relaxed, but the chances are that you’re holding at least some of your muscles tighter than they need to be.

Visualise a frightened animal, and you’ll probably imagine it being crouched taughtly low, ready for the fight or flight mechanism to kick in, either to launch an attack or to get the heck out of there.

If you’re anxious, your brain sends messages to your body without you knowing, telling it to be ready for action, in just the same way that it happens for other species.

Fortunately we rarely need to be prepared for fisticuffs or fleeing, but unfortunately this involuntary muscular tension isn’t good for us.

While there’s undeniable value in taking a few minutes whenever you can to completely relax your body, opportunities to do so can be thin on the ground.

So it makes sense to simply try and be more aware of hunching, grinding and clenching as you go through your day.

Every so often, give your muscles a check-up, and let go of that tension, even if only momentarily.

Hunching, grinding and clenching really isn’t good for you.

Mark you, it would make a good name for a firm of lawyers.

7 thoughts on “Are you relaxed? Are you sure?

  1. Loved this one Jon! I was obediently observing and relaxing muscles when I read the suggestion for a lawyer firm. Well, that sorted the tension with a great “laugh out loud” thank you!
    Moodnudges, pushing the buttons others can only dream of! 🙂

  2. Spot on! I was clenching my teeth unknowingly as I started to read the first sentence ( nothing to do with the sentence itself you understand!) and my neck was awkwardly resting on the pillow!

  3. …. Couldn’t have timed this one better! Was just on my way to work when I read it- a lightning bolt revelation- I need to find a new job that doesn’t ‘knot’ me up. Feel liberated just at the thought of finding a new job where I get paid for being me … Or is that gonna be another teeth clenching episode in my life too??? Love moodnugdes 🙂

  4. Forehead scrunched, shoulders tight & I thought I was relaxed reading this in bed having a leisurely start to my day!

    Relaxation now established properly thanks to Moodnudges- thank you.

  5. I was already chilled after a lovely autumnal walk with the dog and husband. Just had breakfast and sitting here with a cuppa then Moodnudges pops up and yes, I am relaxed! That doesn’t always happen, especially after reading some emails and some comments on blogs!! Then there’s the current news and world affairs…nope…not even going there…am staying here, relaxed, until Himself finds me and we have to start work!
    Have a happy relaxing Friday everybody!

  6. Vintage Jon. Thanks. I was eagerly anticipating the humorous twist at the end and wasn’t disappointed. It may not be exclusively English humour, but I miss it living here in Madrid, so thanks. I laughed out loud too. Great!

  7. Yet again a classic! Thanks for this humorous insight into a behaviour pattern we have inherited through the reptilian brain.
    I was sitting apparently ‘relaxed’ in my office and after reading your mail realised I was tensed up like a coiled spring! Twang! Much better now.

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