Are you taking good care of your body?

Interrogate any decent real estate agent and they’ll no doubt tell you that the three most important factors affecting the value of a particular property are location, location and location.

Neighbourhood, it seems, is pretty crucial when it comes to house prices.

I wonder if the same might be true of your mind? Where does it live?

The late Jim Rohn – an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker – said ‘Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.’ And that, it seems to me, was a pretty handy piece of advice.

How can you have a mind that’s completely at peace with itself if it lives in a rotten run-down neighbourhood? True, I know we can’t all have the body of an athlete or super-model, but surely it makes sense to maintain your physical health to the degree you’re able?

I measured, recorded and tracked my own mood for several years but have only relatively recently recognised that mood isn’t the whole story.

I strongly believe that your physical health also plays a big part in your overall sense of wellbeing (as does your level of connectedness to others) so I now rate myself each morning in these three areas – emotional health, physical health and, if you like, social health (connectedness) – rather than simply capturing mood alone.

It’s shown me that when I’m tired, have aches and pains, or am run down, it generally has a significant impact on my overall wellbeing.

Of course we don’t always have the power to influence every aspect of our own physical health: some conditions must be simply tolerated and lived-with.

But doesn’t it make sense to do whatever you can to enable your mind to live in a better place? Doesn’t it make sense to get as much exercise as you can? Doesn’t it make sense to eat healthily and get a decent night’s sleep when possible? Doesn’t it make sense to avoid unnecessary stress, or take proper breaks if you can’t?

Healthy minds live in healthy bodies, so what could you do today to ‘clean up your neighbourhood’?

6 thoughts on “Are you taking good care of your body?

  1. A very interesting blog Jon. It’s taken me years to realise that I push myself to do things which require enormous mental effort and which I do out of a sense of duty or guilt and not because I want to. All at the expense of my physical well being. I used to think it was mainly my mental state which was affected negatively but I am beginning to think other wise. Thank you again.

  2. Some wise advice Jon, thank you – and I feel the reverse is true also. Even when feeling down, I still push hard to ‘achieve’, ignoring any aches and pains in an attempt to be strong. Two excruciating prolapsed vertebrae just months after a traumatic bereavement tended to focus my mind on the possibility that perhaps our bodies do sometimes manifest physical symptoms in order to release the pain felt inside? Taking care of ourselves to maintain balance between body and mind seems so important – yet not always easily achieved.

  3. Jon how have you found the 4 factors correlate?
    i.e. Q. do you ever have overall wellbeing if your mood is bad?
    Q. is your mood sometimes good when your social connectedness is poor?
    Many thanks for any comments on this

  4. Thank you so much for your beautiful, and I’m sure hard-won insights, Julia and Stephie, and for your questions, Cate and John!

    We are currently working on a more in-depth explanation of how we are rating our wellbeing every morning using emotional, physical, and social health scores, so stay tuned for that very shortly. We will definitely share what we are learning about correlations and patterns as they come up!

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