Learning to avoid unhappiness traps

As I’m not a ten-year-old I’m hardly the best person to advise on appropriate strategies to win at videogames.


Having played a few though, and thinking back a long way to the very first all-text multi-level role playing games (you’re in a cave from which run two dark passages – do you choose the left or right?) I seem to recall that learning as you go, then building on that learning, is a reasonable way to go about things.

The first time through, you choose the left passage but find it blocked by an ogre. So the next time you opt for the one on the right instead.

Little be little, bit by bit, you make mistakes and learn to avoid them when you pass that way again.

In a videogame the ogres and slime-filled ditches are easy to see.

However, in everyday life the impact of obstacles isn’t always so readily evident. So I think that tracking your mood is one of the ways to gather evidence.

Say you’ve been in a low spot, and are steadily climbing out of it, only to find that you go somewhere or do something and – bang – down goes your mood.

A tracking graph (such as the one produced by our WellBee cards) is a perfect way to see this happening before your very eyes. It lets you identify the ogre.

So just as in a game, why not learn from this?

Once you’ve discovered where the beasties lurk, steer clear of them in the next round.

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  1. Hallo Jon, please how do I GET HOLD OF ” WELL BE ” CARDS . ( Ditches keep
    forming under my feet ! ) Happy Christmas to you all.

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