Back to the future?

Sometimes there can be virtue in going back to old ways of doing things.

For reasons too complicated to relate, I’m currently doing some design work in a software package I don’t usually use – Apple’s “Pages” application, a kind of competitor to “Word,” except that it’s actually not bad at all at handling layout tasks in addition to being a word processor.

I’ve used it before, but a long time ago, so was surprised to find that some of the things it used to do, it no longer does. When I Googled the issue, stacks of people have been grumbling about it. It certainly does seem peculiar for Apple (a company I love, in general) to be producing a new version of a software package that many regard as inferior to the old.

As ever, there’s a fix. But it involved scrabbling through a box of old software discs to retrieve my DVD copy of the application that came out in… 2009. Yup, I needed to go back in time eight years to do as I wished with the software. Then of course I had to find a way of installing the application from a DVD onto a Mac that doesn’t have a disc drive. Thankfully I got there in the end.

You may wonder why I’m telling you this. Are we suddenly turning Moodnudges into an IT advice site? Well, no. (Although you may be amused to hear that when I idly Googled “Macnudges” just now, the big G asked me if I meant McNuggets, bless its little algorithms. It obviously knows I’m hungry.)

No, my purpose in mentioning this is simply to ask you if there are maybe things you’re doing now that could be better for you, were you to revert to ways you’ve done them in the past? Ways, perhaps, that might have lifted your mood before, and could do again?

Perhaps, for example, you used to sit at the table to eat meals, but have drifted into eating on the couch as you watch TV? Plenty of people do, of course, but there’s a lot to be said for eating more mindfully, enjoying your food, and if there’s someone else around, actually engaging in conversation.

I use this purely as an illustration, but would gently encourage you to take stock today, with a view to re-instating some old routine you’ve enjoyed in the past, but no longer follow.

Unfortunately, almost without thinking, we sometimes adopt new styles of behaviour that are detrimental to our emotional well-being.

Fortunately, however, we can wind the clock back should we choose. Unlike software companies.

2 thoughts on “Back to the future?

  1. In France I’m 6 hours ahead of New York and 9 ahead of California where Jon lives so it was perhaps a bit daft to immediately look and see what suggestions others had for doing what things the “old” way.
    So I seem to be first and thought I had nothing to contribute but then I realised that more and more I listen to the radio and do not turn on the TV. I get the news just the same without advertising and often hear interesting programmes about things I would normally not think of researching or bothering with. The radio goes with me to different rooms thanks to Wifi and keeps me company while I do mundane jobs, to work I find a music station and put it on low or use the “Off” button, that wonderful thing which gives me control over what I choose to hear or not.

  2. I often get stuck in a rut, thankfully not literally, whilst walking doggit. This happens nearly every winter when I don’t want to be out in the cold later in the day, but he needs his second walk to, you know…and I end up repeating the same sort of half hour to forty five minute walk around the same route. It does get boring, so now our afternoon walks are his choice of where we go. I follow him – following his nose!
    See meet and greet different dogs and their owners and it makes the walk more enjoyable not doing the same thing over and over again!

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