Why today’s a good day to be curiously curious

You may agree with me that being sure to keep on learning new things can play an important part in keeping you healthy and (at least relatively) happy.

A desire to acquire knowledge is one of the ways in which a therapist might know that someone is doing well, whereas an aversion to new experiences may be a sign that all is not so well.

So if that’s the case, why did curiosity apparently kill the cat? What’s meant by this well-known proverb?


In fact it started life in a different form.

Back in 16th century England, it was expressed as ‘care killed the cat’, with the care (pay attention now) actually meaning ‘worry’ or ‘sorrow’.

Who knew?

What began as an exhortation to ‘don’t worry, be happy’ became a warning about the hazards of unnecessary experimentation.

Now this is almost certainly a reasonable admonition were you to be thinking about exploring an electricity substation. Especially on a rainy day, wearing an aluminium foil suit.

In general however, isn’t it more the case that staying curious is a Good Thing? I think it is.

Do all you can today to learn new things.

Go to different places. Listen to a different radio station. Pick up a magazine you’ve never read before.

Ask people ‘Why?’, and then ‘Why?’ again when they answer. Cook something you’ve never cooked. Drink something you’ve never drunk.

Read a poem. Ask a friend to tell you something they never have before. Look at the labels in your clothes to find out where they were made. Find out why the place where you live is called what it is.

Today’s a day to be as curious as you can.

Who knows what you’ll discover?

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