Be your own valentine

Valentine’s Day seems to be a very polarizing holiday. Either you’re over the moon in love and want to shout it from the rooftops, or you just want to hide away and feel sorry for yourself because no one cares.

I’ve been in both places before, so I feel you.

But a thought came to me the other day, that could at least diminish the painful part of those inevitable lonely Valentine’s Days that some of us will be having.

Why not be your own valentine?


This works whether you have a love in your life or not, actually. Treat yourself the way you’d most want to be treated. Get yourself a flower or a chocolate, write yourself a love letter with all the wonderful things you want to hear, maybe treat yourself to a massage or a nice dinner.

It sounds silly, but it can be surprisingly effective! I remember something similar I did during a time when my world was upside down and I was needing a lot of reassurance. I actually started texting myself sweet supportive messages, like “I love you! You’re doing so great, keep going and everything will be ok! 🙂 <3”

And then I would receive the text, and feel the reassurance, and be able to keep going.

So I’ll sign off today with a note from me to you reading this right now: Happy Valentine’s Day, you beautiful heart! I love you, keep going, and remember I’m always here for you.


3 thoughts on “Be your own valentine

  1. Dear Alexandra,

    I love this idea, I have been in both places too, at the moment single and loving it, but Valentines can get a bit too OTT when you’re single.
    I have been tweeting at least one tweet a day saying what I love. What I love about life. No specifics, just what I love to do, watch, see, eat, drink. I’ve been using the hashtag #myownvalentine. I know it’s just one day a year, but it’s really helping me stay bright. I’m bringing my own sunshine and it also makes you realise how much in your life that you love and take advantage of that.

    There is nothing wrong with being your own valentine. I would love for people to tweet me what they love about their life 🙂 @RoseLing91


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