To beat procrastination, beat the clock.

I spent an hour thinking about what I was going to write today, and got nowhere.

Then I looked at the clock and realised that if I didn’t get it sorted out, and quickly, I wasn’t going to eat.

Suddenly it was all done, in about ten minutes.

If you’re tired or if you’re feeling a bit down, little tasks can take forever.

So a useful strategy (which I forgot yesterday) can be to give yourself an artificial deadline.

Say to yourself ‘I’m going to have done X by 9 o’clock’.

In fact I sometimes use the countdown timer on my phone for this very reason.

In advertising I was often racing against the clock to meet a deadline.

So if you’re struggling to get something done and it just isn’t happening, set a deadline of your own.

There. That’s better. I got it done, and ate some lunch too.

2 thoughts on “To beat procrastination, beat the clock.

  1. Ha! The irony…I opened your email as part of my mindless procrastination today because I was feeling tired and down… you got me! Off to get the stopwatch 🙂

  2. Another idea — stop thinking that you need to create a major opus (overwhelming) and just get the job done (small steps, each one do-able). Then enjoy the satisfaction and relief in completion.

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