Does being helpful mean you’ll be taken advantage of?

As a kid I was brought up as part of a 1950s generation which saw it as only right and proper to share whatever you were fortunate to have. Food particularly.

Maybe it was a hangover from the Second World War, when food in the UK was rationed and scarce.

Once the war was over, I’m sure people wished to share whatever they could – in some ways to put their hardships behind them.


I think nowadays, though, ‘Help yourself’ has become something of an expectation, and it’s easy to believe that there are those in society who are takers rather than givers.

So does this mean that you should stop behaving altruistically? If you carry on being generous, will others take advantage of you? Will you be somehow be seen as weak?

I don’t think so.

In fact, in a world which can seem self-focused and selfish, perhaps it’s more important than ever that those who still believe in ‘spreading the love’ do so as energetically as possible.

When you help others, you help build a better world: but you also help build a better you.

That feel-good reaction you get from helping others contributes greatly to your physical and emothonal health. Please do all you can in the next few days, remembering that it’s a two-way street. At the very least, why not be super-generous with your smiles?

9 thoughts on “Does being helpful mean you’ll be taken advantage of?

  1. I agree, helping is important. We must be mindful that we are not creating a bigger problem though. I know of many people who give in order to feel good about themselves. Whilst giving does feel great I think we must try to ensure our gifts empower people. The old “hand up, not a hand out” mentality. <3 Thanks

  2. This message is so timely. I have a young Belgian man staying with me at the moment. He has cycled from Dover to Devon and asked if he could come and stay through warm We have agreed that he’ll spend a few days here and he has offered to help me on my allotment. We have just got in after a sunny afternoon digging and planting and sharing thoughts. He is cooking his dinner; kale and broccoli and chard and coriander from the plot. It all feels mellow and so right, we are both sharing what we have and are both richer for it.

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