Being remembered is a wonderful thing.

‘You want your usual, Jon?’

Holy smoke.

To be greeted with this when I returned to a breakfast place I hadn’t visited in, ooh, two and a half years suggests one of two things.

Either I’m a man of enormously predictable choice, or the place in question is run by people with elephantine memories.

Actually it’s a bit of both I suspect.

(Two eggs over-easy, bacon, hash browns, sourdough toast. Always.)

More importantly there’s no denying how very good it is to be remembered by someone.

It makes you feel wanted.

A bit special too.

Technology could pull off a trick like this.

A camera could take your picture as you walk in, facial recognition software would identify you, then it could pull out your past orders from a database.

To be honest though, I don’t think that’s how they do it at this particular restaurant.

It’s down to people who like people, and who take a pride in providing a warm welcome.

Knowing how good it feels to be remembered, of course, suggests that you can make others feel great when you do the same for them.

And in the happy way that these things often work, giving someone else a boost gives you (the booster) a welcome shot in the arm too.

Why not give it a try today?

Scan your mental notes when you’re talking to someone, and ask them about something they might have expected you to forget.

Be careful though, not to ask them about something they’d actually have WANTED you to forget.

One thought on “Being remembered is a wonderful thing.

  1. It’s the ego that wants to be remembered but yes, it is a nice feeling, like when someone remembers your name after a long time (but then you feel bad for not remembering theirs).

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