The bright side of darkness.

I wonder how often you stop to think that you do usually have a choice about the way you react to the events around you?

I heard from friends that the landlord of the flat they’ve happily rented for eight years needs them to move on.

He has good reasons, which they understand.

What’s interesting to me, though, is the way they’ve chosen to see this as a positive event.

Instead of thinking about the inevitable hassles heading their way, they’re looking at it as on opportunity to find somewhere new, with fresh possibilities.

You might just have a whole day today when not a single thing goes wrong, in which case congratulations


But in the real world, things aren’t often like this.

You definitely do have the option to react to problems in the manner you choose, however.

So how about this?

How about experimenting today by looking for the positive side to life’s little snarl-ups?

Of course there won’t always be one.

But isn’t it worth at least looking?

3 thoughts on “The bright side of darkness.

  1. I hate change or any kind of ‘disruption’ in my life. I always panick first and then dwell negatively (incessantly) over the situation. I know it’s the wrong way to react but it’s always been my M.O. Reading this just flipped a switch in my more than mangled thought process..why not try just for once to find some positive..why have I not thought of that..ever! So simple right? Well, not for me, however, I’m willing to give it a try. Wish me luck.

  2. This was very timely Jon, thanks. I am getting ready this morning to spend a few days sorting out my mums affairs as she passed away in April. It is tough but has to be done. I shall make the most of being back in my home town and intend to be a tourist for a day and also see some relatives for mutual love and support .

  3. Jon, I suppose that your ‘nuggetised’ posts go to a great many people so statistically it is likely that everyday your thoughts will hit the spot for at least one of your readers. Today I am one of them! Thank you, I can now take today and this week in my stride having found ‘the other side of the coin’ about my circumstances.
    Sometimes I wonder how many people your timely suggestions and insights have allowed people to pull back from their personal cliff edge. If only everyone in need could read your posts their world would be a calmer place.

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