Bring me sunshine. Please.

Frankly, for most of the year so far, it hasn’t exactly been Sunny California around these parts. It’s been one heck of a wet winter and, despite its official arrival, spring doesn’t seem to have sprung yet.

Patience is a virtue, it seems.

The thing is, though, for virtually all of its ninety-three million mile journey towards Earth, the sun is shining. It doesn’t know how to do anything else other than produce heat and light, day and night.

Oh yes, and act as the hub of our solar system, keeping our planet and its neighbours in their proper orbits. But you get my point, I hope.

The dependable nature of sunshine is evident when you travel by air. Whatever the weather when you take off, during daylight hours it won’t be long before you’re high enough for the sky to turn crystal blue.

So what is it that stops the sun shining all the time here on Earth? Well in most parts of the world, it’s a relatively thin layer of cloud which gets in the way.

Ninety-three million miles of unimpeded sunlight, then it all gets blotted out in the final twelve or so.

A metaphor for the way life affects our moods perhaps?

Talking to someone who generally has a sunny disposition might make you realise that a lot of their life is not that different from yours.

Often it can be no more than one or two things which get in the way of your day being good.

And not always, but sometimes, it takes just a few tweaks to make everything quite a bit better than it might otherwise have been.

A day for tweaking, perhaps? Let’s all tweak together, then.

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