You can’t do it all, but you could do a little.

‘I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!’

Remember the White Rabbit in the Disney version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?

A busy bunny, he was anything but calm.

Racing around, he was never going to get much done beyond looking (and I’m sure feeling) stressed.

It can be easy to get yourself into a similarly harassed state of mind when you’ve too much to do.

And let’s face it most of us have.

You get in a tizz, becoming so anxious about all you have to do that you don’t actually get anything done at all.

A possible solution?

Well you’re almost certainly not going to get through everything, but wouldn’t it make sense to knock off at least one or two items?

Give yourself a small and achievable target to tackle.

Get one job done by a fixed time.

Once the first piece is in place, the remainder of the jigsaw may not seem so formidable.

One thought on “You can’t do it all, but you could do a little.

  1. Jon, you always hit it right on the mark! I really enjoy reading your posts. I’m not alone in my constantly harassed state of mind! Anxious & tizzied..definitely me as well! Ive been working on getting my sh*t together for a looong while. I hate jigsaws..was never good at em! I’ll keep trying. Sorry for my potty mouth. You’re great!

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