Today, we’ll change the world, you and I.

If you’re up for it, I’d like you to conduct a simple experiment today.

It’s easy to do, and requires no equipment.

The psychologists tell us that we’ll feel good if we do something for someone else – either someone we know, or a complete stranger.

So here’s the methodology.

Sometime today I’d like you to go (a little) out of your way to do a good turn for someone.

It needn’t be complicated or even that substantial.

But the important thing is to be aware of your feelings before and after the good deed.

Will you feel any different after your action?

Experience says you will, and that you’ll get a pleasant buzz.

Reward in itself.

What’s more, as the Moodnudges messages reach thousands of people, our collective actions could just make today a happier one here on Planet Earth.

Not bad for something so easy.

And pretty good for something that should leave you feeling better too.

3 thoughts on “Today, we’ll change the world, you and I.

  1. My good deed happened two days ago whilst on a short break to Amsterdam. My husband saw a wallet on the ground just near an ATM in a busy square in centre of town. We looked inside and it had cash, bank cards and an American drivers license from California. It belonged to a 23yr old young guy, but no contact details, only a picture. We located the police station nearby and went inside , there were a couple of people waiting. Then I spotted a young guy waiting in a queue,looked at him, then at the pic in the wallet and realised it was him. We asked him his name and yes it was him! He was astounded and eternally grateful as he didn’t ever expect to see his wallet again and would have had to cut short his travels and return back to the US. . What was also amazing was that his next stop on his travels was to go to Camden in London where my husband and I grew up. We were as thrilled as he was to have reunited him with his wallet and it gave us a warm glow for the rest of our stay. 🙂

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