Instead of ruminating on bad stuff, crowd out your negative thoughts by immersing yourself in something positive.

Do you think that you sometimes think too hard?

If you do, you’re not alone. Many of us spend too much time thinking (especially negatively) and not enough time doing. It’s an easy trap to fall into, particularly if your mood is low and you’ve ended up spending a lot of the day inactive and alone.

I’ve been there. You don’t feel great so you stay at home. You don’t feel like doing much so you slump in front of the TV or don’t get out of bed.

And then the over-thinking starts. The excessive worrying. The rumination.

There’s a great way to trick your brain into thinking less though, which is to completely immerse yourself in something that takes over all your cognitive capacity, drowning out the destructive thinking with something else altogether.

This happens for me whenever I spend time with kids.


They demand your full attention.

The point is, a whole slice of time goes by during which it’s impossible to fill your head with all the usual stuff.

Is this simply avoiding the issues? Well I don’t think so. When I go back into my normal routines the next day, I generally find I’ve got much greater clarity of thought.

If you find yourself thinking too hard it’s not always easy to tell yourself to stop.

It might be a lot more practical to crowd out the negative thinking with something else altogether.

5 thoughts on “Instead of ruminating on bad stuff, crowd out your negative thoughts by immersing yourself in something positive.

  1. Thank you for always always sharing such hopeful positive suggestions!
    I do have my dark days and sometimes what I really need is quiet and perhaps a good book. Occasionally I have been in a place where my anxiety doesn’t seem to allow me to remember what works for me. For me -now and throughout my adult life – children have been the ones to bring me back to the sun – weather my own, my grandchildren , the families I volunteer with or just observing children in a park! The way young people live in the moment calms my overthinking- I can just be!

  2. I know you are right Jon but sometimes, like now, find myself in a catch 22 situation. Due to an arthritic flare & frozen shoulder am finding it difficult to get out which, as well as the additional pain, brings my mood down.

    Any thoughts, reflections from anyone?

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