Cut yourself some slack.

I wouldn’t mind betting that on a good day you can get a huge amount done.

You can be productive. Creative. Energetic.

But it’s worth remembering that not every day will necessarily be a good day.

And that’s fine.

When things aren’t so sparkling for you, cut yourself some slack.

Don’t force things.

Do what you must, and park what you aren’t able to.

Then catch up when you have a better day (they do usually come along, even when you’re not expecting them).

In fact it’s probably just as well that not every day is a good day.

If it was, you’d probably end up trying to do so much that you’d burn yourself out.

So what sort of day is it for you today?

There. You have your answer for what to expect from yourself.

3 thoughts on “Cut yourself some slack.

  1. Thanks again Jon for reminding us to go easy on ourselves. I believe that we are almost always our hardest critic so it is good to be reminded to take it easy on ourselves regularly.
    Great work as usual Jon!
    Keep on , keeping on my friend.

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