As if depression alone wasn’t enough…

Depression is a pushy old condition.

Not content, itself, with blighting people’s lives, it also muscles in on other illnesses.

Unsurprisingly it’s common to find that cancer patients, for instance, have depression to deal with on top of everything else.

Doctors call this a ‘comorbidity’, a term I only came across as I began to learn more about mental health.


What a horrible word, which doesn’t even appear in my Encarta dictionary.

Despite sounding as though it might have something to do with death, it doesn’t.

It simply means having more than one illness or disease at the same time.

The concept came up when I talked to a friend who’d had breast cancer, fortunately subsequently in remission.

Although she couldn’t speak highly enough of the treatment she’d received from the oncology people, what was painfully clear was that nobody had paid any attention to her state of mind through all her illness.

We agreed that Moodnudges might have helped, even if only a little.

So if you know someone who’s battling with a serious physical illness, please think about mentioning Moodnudges to them.

You’ll be helping them, helping me and—thanks to that good old ‘helper’s high’—it might just leave you feeling slightly good too.

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