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6 thoughts on “direction of change A

  1. Backwards write can’t I sorry.
    My problem is no structure. I have to decide what to do and my brain collapses because I have too many choices, some duty, some leisure – I just freeze or procrastinate because I can’t choose.
    I do make time for Moodnudges though.
    Sally T

    1. I can be like that Sally. I enter a state of what I call “brain burn”. My niece said she used to keep a notice on her desk at Uni to help her through those times:

      “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” and I now break those days into bite sized pieces and start with one bite! (Once in a while I give in and have a duvet day and watch a whole TV series back to back)….

  2. Oh gosh…I thought someone must have spiked my cuppa at lunchtime…got my brain working overturn and thinking hard! Good idea, Jon!

  3. At first I thought oh dear some hacker has been messing with Moodnudges. When I wake up and before I think too much routine is my saviour as I get out of bed and do one thing at a time, then if I am to have any kind of a “good” day I do something not routine. My body thinks routine is a great idea and would like to eat healthily at regular intervals throughout the day but I can’t get my brain to agree. In fact now I think about it my day is a regular old battle between what I would like to do and what I should do. Maybe the post is really about that old thing “balance”?

  4. Ordered so i am, possible it is not to Yoda not without write like sounding.

    Work that oit and may the force be with you

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