How to discover a new side of yourself (and others)

Last week Jon and I had the great privilege of taking WellBee into a local Montessori school and showing the cards to six classrooms full of excited kids. We sat on the floor, with 20+ children sitting around us in each class. Every child had a set of WellBee cards spread out in front of them. We explained the idea and then let them play and ask questions.


What we learned was incredible. Here are three key insights I came away with:

1. The kids’ reaction to the cards was far more enthusiastic than I had dared to expect. They kept asking us, “Can we keep these?” and “When will the app version be available?”

They also got to see the range of wellbeing scores for their classmates, some of whom had scored fairly poorly. This seemed to raise the empathy level in the room. The kids learned that people in the same room can feel very differently on the inside.

2. I was surprised to see how much I had grown personally. When I did this kind of outreach for my last startup CureTogether, I used to get really nervous. I would have to rehearse and prepare before talking to anyone. I wouldn’t sleep. I’d have intense butterflies in my stomach for days, before and after any meeting.

This time around, with WellBee, I’m stronger. I believe in the concept with my whole being. I can now just show up and talk easily to people of all ages about it and not be nervous at all.

3. Jon’s talent at leading a mini-workshop impressed me immensely. He captured the kids’ attention from the moment we walked in, and kept them engaged and connected throughout. It seemed effortless for him, although I know he did prepare very thoughtfully for the day. He even designed a whole new, simplified set of cards for the younger munchkins (pictured above).

The lesson here? Put yourself in a new environment, and you can discover new sides of people – both yourself and people you think you know quite well.

Our day at school was inspiring, connecting, and surprising. We’ll be doing things like this again, definitely.

And maybe you could try putting yourself in a new environment too, for a day, or an hour? Go somewhere you wouldn’t normally go. Take a different route home from work. Show up for a class in something you’ve been wanting to try. If any insights come up or you discover something new about yourself, we’d love to hear about it!

Wishing you a day of discovery,

Alex 🙂

6 thoughts on “How to discover a new side of yourself (and others)

    1. Hang in there, Darcy, it always seems darkest before the dawn. You are definitely worth it and we believe in you. Please let us know that you’re ok and how we can help support you through whatever challenge is bringing you down right now. You will be in our thoughts and hearts!

  1. I have only just received your nudge….it’s niw 9.50 pm England.
    But wow! I so glad to have received it and to hear of the response to the Wellbee cards with the children…fantastic!
    Keep at it! It’s not just adults who benefit from the nudges and/or the cards

  2. Great idea. Looked to order the cards on your Wellbee site but the Paypal link is broken! Paypal error page says the link is outdated…

  3. I’m fascinated about the kids’ responses–what are they seeing that I don’t? I usually get similar scores all the time. Not much change, really, by the end of the day. I know you do yours first thing in the morning but I want to know how I have fared throughout the day. Always the same–but I know that can’t be true. Then I will look back on a long swath of low feelings but I don’t see them when I’m in the midst of them. But I think that is always the way–with me, anyway. Don’t see a black mood until it is over. You don’t need to respond. I’m kind of voicing thoughts I’ve had but didn’t put into words.

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