Why today’s the day to bring distant friends closer

‘Keep in touch.’

How often have you said it, and how often do you carry it out?

Friendships and relationships can be of immense help and support (and sometimes the source of stress, anger or hurt) but it’s easy to take them for granted.

To appreciate this, you need only think of people to whom you’ve felt great attachment and affection in the past, but with whom you now have little or no contact.


Maybe you were friends because you were at school together?

Perhaps you got to know one another by working in the same place?

Or it could have been that you met when you were geographically close, but then one of you moved away?

Through no fault of either of you, changing circumstances can lead to weakened ties, and eventually to the complete loss of that relationship, particularly if you have no idea where someone is.

Perhaps you’re like me.

I often think of friends from my past, who are now no more than memories.

I wonder if they still think of me?

I wonder if they wistfully recall the friendship that was?

I wonder what they’re doing now.

I’m sure that forever maintaining all of life’s friendships is an impractical aim.

Sometimes you may have to let go and move on.

But perhaps there are one or two relationships which really shouldn’t fall into this category.

One or two people with whom you’d like to be in more contact than you are.

I expect you know who they are.

A valued old friendship is a little like a beautiful vintage car.

Both need careful maintenance.

Both have the capacity to lift your spirits and give you joy.

But both will fall apart if neglected.

Is there someone you really should reach out to?

Please don’t put it off.

In fact today’s a perfect one to let them know you think of them – more than they think.

2 thoughts on “Why today’s the day to bring distant friends closer

  1. My dad was a bit of an enigma, he could be quick to snap, and gruff, but he was a very loyal friend, he made many many friends during his life, all over the world, he didn’t keep up with them all constantly, but seems to have been able to pick up where he left off very easily. He seems to have charmed people with his character, and at the end of his life he had so much love coming from all over the world, it was a lovely thing to see at such a sad time. I treasure that aspect of his character and treasure my friends, I make an effort to see friends even when life is busy, it is great to hear about their lives and to offer friendship and it gives my life perspective. As much as work and aims in life are what keeps some people going, my friends keep me going even if they don’t know they do.

  2. I agree friendships can be very important and lifelong friends even more so. You generally know who those people are and hopefully you already value and treasure the contact that you have with them.
    Other people (I believe) are meant to be your friends for the time that you need each other. I don’t mean that they are no longer useful or important merely that the reason for the friendship might have been due to a situation when you were both in the ‘same boat’ and you both needed the support of each other to both get through a situation trauma or period of your shared lives.
    After the time has passed they may no longer be a strong connection and outside of that time you have nothing in common.

    My life (due to me moving about all the time) is full of very important relationships for a time, but ultimately these relationships would not survive over years. That doesn’t mean that these people are not important, they will never will be forgotten.

    Sure I have friends who I cherish and in fact have two friends who I have known for 50 years and 35 years respectively and who I see every few years (as we live on opposite sides of the world). We always just pick up from where we left off which is quite amazing really especially, due to our changing lifestyles.

    I just feel some people are meant to stay in your life for a while and no matter how long they are a part of your life they are certainly as important as anyone else who has impacted on your ability to enjoy your life, either right now or in your past, leaving you with wonderful memories.
    To everyone who has impacted on my life (including you Jon), I thank you all! My life is certainly richer for knowing you.

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