Don’t be so self-cruel.

Who are you most kind to in life? And to whom are you least kind?

Then, think.

Where does the way you treat yourself sit on this scale?

Many of us aren’t nearly as kind to ourselves as we could be.

We’re hard task-masters.

We’re intolerant of our own weaknesses.

We’re often impatient with ourselves.

Although it’s probably human nature, it’s not very nice, is it?

So the next time you blame yourself for something that really wasn’t your fault, ask yourself whether you’d act like that towards a good friend.

I think you probably wouldn’t.

I’m the same, though.

I often beat myself up when things go wrong, rarely extending the kindness to myself that I wouldn’t think twice about showing to others.

If, and when, you find yourself doing this, be kind to you.

Cut yourself some slack.

It’s OK to do this, it really is.

4 thoughts on “Don’t be so self-cruel.

  1. This needs remembering every single day – & extending from me to my husband of 38 years every single day.
    Always appreciate your Moodnudges, Jon, and continue to be helped by Moodscope.
    Thank you so much.

  2. So true. I have been a prime example of this lately. I have beaten myself up, thought I am not worth anything, everything I have done has been useless. I would never treat anyone else like that, but apparently, it’s fine to do it to myself!!! Thank you for reminding me, it isn’t good to be so harsh to myself.. A yard or two of slack is definitely needed here…

  3. I agree, I’m often way harder on myself than I would be in anyone else!! Thanks for the reminder that I too deserve kindness from myself!!

  4. Yes I agree. I find I compare myself to others especially friends and family not seeing that we all have flaws and imperfections and times when we’re not feeling 100%. I need to give myself a break as I would anyone else. I think I expect too much of myself.

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