Don’t do that, do this

Are your shoes pinching you? You probably need to do two things. Take them off. Then replace them with a more comfortable pair. Best do it in that order, as trying to walk while wearing two pairs of shoes will at the very least get you some funny looks.

As with shoes, so with mood, I think. Is something bugging you? Again, take two actions. Stop doing whatever it is that’s getting to you. Then replace it with something else.

For example if you’re feeling low, sitting moping with your curtains pulled can be understandable, but miserable.

So (a) open the curtains, then (b) make yourself a tea or coffee, or walk around the block.

One precursor to at least the walk though and perhaps opening the curtains too – just make sure you’re dressed.

7 thoughts on “Don’t do that, do this

  1. Loved that Jon, so true ! As so often is the case it’s not just the message, but the humorous way that you write that is so (genuinely) heart-warming to receive in my inbox first thing. Have a great day 🙂

  2. Jon, you have made me laugh this morning. thank you very much indeed! Also, as a blog writer myself, what an inspiration to keep it short and sweet!

  3. This is my favourite sort of mood nudge. The “ha ha, only serious” approach is pithy, brief, but contains an undeniable kernel of useful truth. It’s a lot more immediately useful than the glazed-eyed crystal waving that some others might offer in the same situation.

    I have opened the curtains, and in a moment, will brew some nice hot Assam. Thanks, Jon.

  4. Now that brought a smile to my face! Very practical and positive advice. I try and follow this as much as I can already but reminders like this are often needed. Thank you 🙂

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