How to spend time with a friend when you don’t feel like talking.

Kissing in the back row of the movies? It was rather clear what The Drifters had in mind when they sang this back in 1974.

Abandon thoughts of kissing and back rows, though (sorry), and I believe there’s definitely a rather different set of circumstances in which an outing to see a movie with someone else can make sense.


Like me, you may well have been in the situation where you’re a bit down in the dumps. You know it would do you good to get out of the house. You know it would do you good to be in the company of a friend. But your state of mind somehow can’t cope with the thought of having to spend a couple of hours in conversation.

That’s when a trip to see a film can provide a neat solution. You get out, you’re with a friend, but you’re not expected to talk – with the possible exception of discussing what you’ve watched after you’ve seen it.

Seeing a film at the cinema instead of on the TV at home also has the distinct advantage of getting you away from your domestic surroundings, which may themselves be getting you down.

What’s more, the popcorn’s usually better too.

6 thoughts on “How to spend time with a friend when you don’t feel like talking.

  1. I live on my own now – my choice – and after 18 months I have just taken myself to the cinema for the first time. Minions film and then KFC for eats afterwards. Going to a film (or going to anything) on your own can also be progress!!

  2. That is a lovely idea, the Movies. But how about some decent movies, ones that have a beginning a middle and an end. There are far too many films that these days that appear to be obsessed with shoot outs and special effects. Technically ingenious but with little or no true story line.
    As for the popcorn, it’s good but rather expensive for what it is.

  3. I love movies and this is my absolute favourite way of escaping my problems even for a couple of hours, when it all feels too much.
    Often you can feel so much better after seeing a good film. Cannot recommend this idea enough!
    I am lucky enough to be able to have a ‘Movie’ room at home, where I watch films (on average) once a week just to keep myself in a good place. Great escapism!

  4. Movies are a great way to spend time with someone, when you’re feeling down. Also pottering in the garden with someone nearby helps – doing without talking

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