Don’t struggle alone when you could ask for help.

If you needed to move a heavy item of furniture, you probably wouldn’t attempt to do so on your own.

There are some tasks that clearly require more than one pair of hands.

When the work is of a physical nature, it’s pretty obvious to ask for help.

Then why doesn’t it seem equally sensible to do so then the heavy lifting is more mental?

When you’ve got too much to think about, too much to worry about, it can be tempting to keep it all to yourself.

But that’s not good.

In many situations, a problem shared is a problem halved.

(Not always of course, but it’s a rule that holds good a great deal of the time.)

Sometimes the simple act of talking through your concerns, worries and anxieties can help you get them into perspective.

Then, of course, there are other situations in which you really can ask someone else to take the load off your shoulders.

You’re human, not super-human.

If you’re carrying a heavy load, there’s nearly always someone who’ll help.

But usually you need to ask.

And that’s fine.

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