Will you earn yourself a badge today?

When I was in the Scouts, there was (and still is, I believe) a proficiency badge for almost everything.

Whatever your interest, it seemed as if you could earn a badge by demonstrating your ability or knowledge in it: something else to ask your mum to sew on your sleeve.


Towards the end of your Scouting ‘career’ it was common to sport a whole armful.

While they weren’t all necessarily fun (whose idea was the ‘House Orderly’ badge, part of whose conditions involved me having to clean the examiner’s extensive collection of brass ornaments, for goodness’ sake?) there was considerable satisfaction in acquiring new knowledge and skill in return for a small embroidered mark of recognition.

Learning new things is generally agreeable, regardless of whether or not there’s a tangible reward at the end, and in fact, whether you enjoy it or not, there’s broad acceptance that it’s good for you, making an important contribution to maintaining a healthy state of mind.

Perhaps you can earn yourself a virtual proficiency badge today? It could be for working out how to fix something that’s broken.

It might be for persuading someone to walk you through a period of their life you’ve often wondered about.

Or how about getting yourself a badge tonight for cooking something you’ve never tackled?

‘Photocopier Repairer’, ‘Family History Researcher’, ‘Adventurous Chef’ badges, anyone?

3 thoughts on “Will you earn yourself a badge today?

  1. At the school where I work, a system of merit cards operates, so that students can earn Amazon vouchers when they have collected a certain number of cards.

    This is great for the students, but I often think that all of us staff would benefit too, if we could award each other merit cards – not with Amazon as the goal, but just because it’s nice to give and receive something more than a thankyou. We all like it when it’s recognized that we’ve gone above and beyond. So far I only have one actual card, but I live in hope!

  2. My badge for this week would be for not hitting my best friend’s so called ‘friend’ on the nose for all the trouble she has caused in the last 3 weeks.

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