Why is it so easy to dwell on your weaknesses?

Oh dear. Here are seven things I do really badly:

1. I’m hopeless at remembering numbers. I can’t even hold a phone number in my head if it’s written down in front of me, instead needing to tap it into my phone by looking at it one digit at a time.

2. Even if you paid me a million dollars, I couldn’t draw a portrait of you. Although I think I can draw to get my point across, I have zero talent for recording likenesses.


3. I generally take far too long to finish jobs. I often put more into them than might be justified: I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

4. I put off dealing with important issues – healthcare stuff, for instance – somehow believing they’ll take care of themselves.

5. When I listen to music (and I love listening to music) I rarely take in the lyrics. I’m good at recognising tunes, awful at identifying a song by its words.

6. I’m a down-and-out failure at all sports, with no interest in either taking part or spectating.

7. I nearly always struggle to know if I should use ‘effect’ or ‘affect’.

Actually it would be disturbingly easy for me to write a much longer list than this, but perhaps I should stop there.

The thing is, I’m sure I’m not alone in having weaknesses and flaws. I’m guessing you could probably build a reasonable list of your own.

But although there may be value in appreciating your limitations (I can’t speak Mandarin, for example) isn’t it better by far to focus on your strengths and aptitudes? (People say I’m pretty creative.) If you and I think about it, I’m sure there’s loads of stuff we can’t do, and I’m sure it’s easier to compile lists like this if you’re feeling low than it is when you’re more upbeat.

Doesn’t it seem sensible to accept your weaknesses and limitations? Embrace them a little, even, perhaps. And doesn’t it make even more sense to recognise and celebrate your strengths?

Do this, and who knows what effect it’ll have on your day.

Yep, that’s ‘effect’ and not ‘affect’.

At least I think it is.

5 thoughts on “Why is it so easy to dwell on your weaknesses?

  1. Ha! I’m with you on most of these, Jon, and one of mine is I don’t always know how to respond sensibly to your great blogs and those on Moodscope! I probably prattle on about how a subject has AFFECTED (tee hee) me and go off the point! But a good thing I do, I suppose is, respond…so peeps know there is someone there, ‘listening’. Have a great day!

  2. Too true.
    Sometimes the what I can’t do makes me stop doing the things I can do.
    I end up having a day of “I don’t want to’
    Going to try a day of “yes I ‘ll do that ‘

    1. Fab…well done! I’ve just got back from dog walking and passing a lady I see often, I struck up a conversation…we chatted happily for five mins or so and before continuing, we told each other our names…now have name to the face!

  3. I especially love this post. Jon, you are the first person I know to say that you don’t pay much attention to words but focus more on the music. I have always found it difficult to make out the words but music feeds my soul. This post is a real treasure for me.

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