Eau Dear

What’s the solution when someone is suffering from water retention? Almost certainly it isn’t the one adopted by a patient I recently heard about from a friend.

This lady, you see, was told be her doctor that she was experiencing water retention. So, when she put two and two together after her appointment?

She stopped drinking water.

Yikes. Not surprisingly, she became dehydrated and urgently needed to be put on an I.V.

I hope someone also gently put her right on her misconceived self-treatment.


I’m sure you know how important it is to get enough water every day. We all get it drummed into us. But for some it can be a difficult discipline to maintain.

And drinking the right amount of water (you should be getting around two litres a day) isn’t only important for your body. Knocking back the H2O has a knock-on effect on your mind and mood.

Perhaps it sounds obvious, but equipping yourself with a nice water bottle can help build and support the habit. It did wonders for me. I keep mine topped up and by my side as I go about my day. Perhaps this could also work for you?

And as for the ensuing regular bathroom visits, well they’re good for you too.

If nothing else they’re a helpful reminder to get up from your desk.

3 thoughts on “Eau Dear

  1. Thanks for the reminder about the water, John.
    My doctor advises 3 glasses of water to prevent onset of a migraine… It worked for a relation of hers!
    I started carrying the bottle about this very morning, thanks to your message as I literally “forget to drink”.
    So simple yet so true what you say.

  2. Hello Jon,

    I’m long way from my UK GP, but suffering from water retention. I’m on medication, for high blood pressure and depression. Do these have a history of affecting this problem? I can’t get a straight answer to this question where I am now.


  3. Hi Jon

    Although I know about the importance of drinking water this was a useful reminder as I rarely drink enough despite carrying the stuff with me at all times.
    I don’t know where I’d be without Moodnudges. 😀

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