Every day should be Thanksgiving Day.

I wonder how many times you’ll say ‘thank you’ today?

For most of us I suspect it’s an unconscious response harking back to the days when manners were drummed into us, so it might be pretty difficult to count the number of times we say it.

But I wonder how many times you’ll say ‘thank you’ today and really mean it?

Now, that may well be a different kettle of fish.


Saying thank you to someone to whom you’re grateful, and (the important bits) meaning it and explaining why, is another of those great actions which benefits both parties, yet I’m ashamed to admit that I can sometimes go a while without doing so.

Today’s a great day to boost the thank you economy. As it progresses, why not be a bit more aware of your reasons to be thankful – particularly those reasons that involve others?

Then let them know, and let them know why. And mean what you say. And make it clear that you mean what you say.

It may of course be a tremendously profound thank you, but it could just as easily involve someone who is completely unaware that they brighten your day.

No need to wait for November. Perhaps every day can be Thanksgiving Day?

4 thoughts on “Every day should be Thanksgiving Day.

  1. Fear & lack of gratitude are the basis of our personal & cultural discontent..giving “thanks” is the fix. Thank you for a timely post Jon.

  2. Thank you Jon. I recently finished an uplifting online course and was missing the regular self-esteem boosting updates. And then I discovered moodnudges and the gap was filled – your posts are so nourishing and positive – something i struggle to do for myself, something I think you just completely ‘get’.

    A heartfelt thank you 🙂


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