The joy of exercise – it’s child’s play.

If you wanted to prove the link between good mood and physical exercise (it’s strong, by the way) you don’t need a science lab.

Just a children’s playground.

Put a bunch of kids in a play area and within seconds there will be squeals of laughter, hoots of joy.

Granted children probably have a much lower gloom barrier to breach than we do, but there’s no questioning their ability to feel good by jumping around.

So how much jumping around do you do?

If you’re like me, probably not too much.

But the thing is, physical exercise can come in all shapes and forms thankfully.

Running’s good, but so is walking.

Tennis is great, but golf is too.

Hill walking is fine, just as gardening is.

The simple truth is that doing anything that keeps you active is going to be good for you.

So why not walk a little more this week?

Go for a swim?

Or even hop, skip and jump?

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