Don’t exercise tomorrow, do exercise today

I’m sure you know exercise can be great for your mood, and perhaps you’re a born athlete or dedicated gym bunny.

I’m not, though, and I know that the only way I’ll get active is when I get a nudge of some kind. So if you’re like me, please consider this your reminder.

Don’t necessarily be ambitious, but do schedule something physical soon – probably by building it in to your day. Today.

Take the stairs rather than the elevator, walk rather than drive or take the bus, put on some great music and dance as though nobody’s watching (and who cares if they are, anyway?)

Exercise tomorrow is no more than a vague ambition.

Exercise today is all that counts.

6 thoughts on “Don’t exercise tomorrow, do exercise today

  1. I have a step counter and it’s a great nudge! Each week I aim to do a few more steps and invariably feel better when I have made the effort to complete them.

  2. Was just sat here beating myself up for not going to the gym but now have decided to do some gardening instead and feel much better, thanks. This was just the prompt I needed

  3. Well i would except i have got this after i have already gone to bed so perhaps i need to get up and read it again….. Thanks the needed reminder

  4. I have a device that counts my steps, number of flights of steps and also gives some feedback and a prod to do a bit more. The best thing about it has been that I can wear it at night and use a program to see when I woke in the night, this has allowed me to become more objective about how much I sleep. Along with Moodscope and these posts it has really helped me to feel more able to cope.

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