It helps to expect today to be a little brighter than yesterday.

Forcing your foot to the metal in a BMW, Audi, Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz will never take you faster than 155 miles per hour (250 kilometres per hour).

German car manufacturers have a “gentleman’s agreement” restricting their vehicles so politicians won’t introduce speed limits on the Autobahns, where you can currently drive as fast as you please.

Now a speed limit like this seems safe and sensible to me, but I wonder if you’re currently setting the bar on your mood too low?

Isn’t there some value in starting each day with the clear desire for it to be a little brighter than the one before?

Maybe we get what we expect?

3 thoughts on “It helps to expect today to be a little brighter than yesterday.

  1. yup I get this, I think sometimes in my mood I can end up being a victim rather than experiencing a day where I am free to make choices and have a happy time. When I recall this I set the victim aside for a while and its great. I think when you have been feeling down for whatever reason you can get so that you feel weird about not feeling down…

  2. Just like believing is seeing expecting a good day – good time nudges the door open – instead of meeting resistance. No matter how you feel setting yourself a small goal and getting on with it instead of ‘labouring’ over how to get started also boosts the happiness readiness factor.

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