Feelings about feelings.

Knowing how you feel is one thing.

Knowing how you feel about how you feel is another.

(We’ll stop right there before this whole message begins to resemble one of those sets of nesting Russian dolls.)

Although whole (good) books have been written about mindfulness, an excellent and rapid start is to take a metaphorical step back from your thoughts to ask yourself (a) what they are, exactly, and (b) how those thoughts make you feel.

Neither task may come naturally at first, but the second can prove an excellent way of helping you come to terms with the idea that you may have more freedom than you think to actually choose how you feel about life’s trials and tribulations.

From the little (noisy neighbours, say) to the large (the loss of a loved one, perhaps) we may not always be able to control how we initially react.

But it can often be possible to steer your own feelings about your reaction in a more positive direction.

Perhaps, then, a little thinking about your thinking could be in order today?

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