Is a fifteen hour working day any way to take care of your body?

Last week I told you about psychologist Vanessa King’s indispensable new book “10 Keys to Happier Living”, based on Action for Happiness’s excellent and concise list of the same name.

Key No. 3 is “Take care of your body”, which I recalled with wry amusement as I pulled a fifteen hour working day in the Stanford library last Thursday.


That morning I’d promised myself that come hell or high water I’d have my book as nearly finished as possible by the end of the day.

Fortunately the university library stayed open until 1:00 am (which is mad, but madly helpful sometimes) so I knew I had a bit of leeway.

By around 6:30 I was starting to feel tired, however, so I took a break.

A 30 minute brisk walk, picking up a delicious chicken salad en route, made a huge difference.

With my batteries recharged, it really wasn’t difficult to keep going until 11:30 PM.

Now I wouldn’t usually condone burning the midnight oil in this way, particularly if, like me, you’re prone to mood wobbles.

Sometimes, however, circumstances can force you and I to push ourselves.

When you do, taking care of your body becomes more vital than ever.

Perhaps you’ll take this on board in the next 24 hours, then, even if you’re not having to work flat out.

Whenever you can, look for small opportunities to make choices that are good for your health.

A little bit of exercise?


Delicious food that’s good for you?


One thought on “Is a fifteen hour working day any way to take care of your body?

  1. well done Jon, the life of the entrepreneur for us has always been, top up the fuel tank
    and get on whatever it takes because as you too know, the reward of accomplishment is worth the effort and builds then reinforces strong foundations for strength. In this case,
    confidence which in turn feeds the soul and psyche. Eating balanced every 3 hours makes road trips a pleasure whether your new patch California which is a heck of a road
    trip from Oregon to Tijuana (we’ve done many times) or our new patch England which can be a heck of a road, much slower wending thru county lanes of a weekend! enjoy the adventure, health will follow

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