When your thoughts aren’t helping, see if you can “flip them.”

A friend has fought an ongoing battle with depression over the years, bravely experimenting with all manner of treatments and therapies.

Happily, she told me she was making headway working with a coach, and I liked her explanation of what they were doing together – she described it as aiming to ‘flip’ her thinking.

This makes sense.


I’m sure that a lot of low mood is worsened, or at least not helped, by negative thinking.

Sometimes we get mired in the kind of thinking that weighs us down, a bit like falling into water wearing a heavy overcoat.

Removing it would give you a better chance of escaping, but it’s often the case that the negative thoughts won’t go away.

Of course it’s not realistic to imagine that you’ll go from Negative Thought City to Positive Town in one step.

But that’s not to say that you can’t begin to turn your bad thoughts on their head.

Why not see if you can try a little of that today?

4 thoughts on “When your thoughts aren’t helping, see if you can “flip them.”

  1. So I’m trying to be aware by reflecting…’when was the last time I felt my mood lift?’ What was the negative thought or action that flipped my mood to positive when that happened? I think it was when I had a better night sleep. And before bedtime I heard some good news or had a pleasant conversation or I had finally got round to clearing some paperwork which I had been procrastinating over etc etc. I can’t help thinking it was more than on thing.
    Well at least I can start to appreciate that like ripples in a pond one baby step leads to the next.

  2. Definitely agree that it can end up in quite a bad cycle with negative thoughts occurring cos I’m feeling low already but then my low mood worsens because the negative thouhts occur more regularly. It would be great to have some suggestions of how to actually flip the thoughts 🙂

  3. Another good post! To Kiran : something that works for me is to find one thing that makes me smile! I keep pictures of my Grandchildren nearby and that never fails to flip my thinking over to how lucky I am! Also getting outside in nature or where I can watch people- so fascinating and it takes me out of my negative thinking every time!

  4. Mindfulness meditation and doing something – even something as mundane as housework can all help with this – although it can be tough. I think mindfulness and swimming has particularly helped me.

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