Tidying away life’s flotsam and jetsam.

If you’re anything like me there’s almost certainly something in your home which needs sorting out, but which has been lingering untackled for ages.

In my case I’d been putting up with an unsightly stack of plastic crates in a corner of my office. I’m ashamed to admit they’d been there over a year.

Although they’d almost grown invisible day to day, I was embarrassingly aware of them every time I had visitors. And even when I didn’t, they made working in the office a lot less pleasant than it should have been.

Then one Sunday I got up and decided to sort out the mess. Time taken? No more than a couple of hours. Benefit? Massive. A big relief to be able to sit down peacefully without the irritation of a lot of unwanted stuff staring me right in the face.

Of course, like anyone I’ve still plenty of tidying to do. It never stops.

But the crates in the corner were a relatively easy win. ‘Low hanging fruit’ I think they’d call it.

So take a look around the space in which you live or work. Perhaps there’s a similar mess which you could tackle easily and relatively speedily?

The psychological benefits of crossing something like this off your To-Do list are huge in proportion to the effort it takes.

Get tidying, and almost certainly throw some of it away.

It will almost certainly be a load off your mind.

One thought on “Tidying away life’s flotsam and jetsam.

  1. It really is so therapeutic to clear, tidy, throw out or donate ‘stuff’ that accumulates year on year that never gets used or touched. Even just a small area can make all the difference to how I can feel. It really does feel like I’m dusting away a space in my mind that has become stuck or overwhelmed by thinking I have way to much to do and never enough time or the motivation to start. Today reading this nudge has motivated me to tackle one, just one I think , of my kitchen cupboards.

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