Why it helps to focus your worries on what you can change

Whichever way you look at it, we live in a world beset by problems and tragedy.

War, famine, disease, crime, poverty – they can all add up to paint a gloomy picture of this rock we call home.

Sorry, were you having a happy moment before reading this?

Despite the downbeat intro, it really isn’t my intention to cause us both to take a gloomy view of things but, instead, to suggest that there are times when we simply have to focus our concern less on the things we cannot change, and more on those which we can.

Just writing this, however, feels selfish.

It leaves me questioning myself, and makes me doubt my worldview.

However, and unfortunately, the simple truth is that if we spend all our time worrying about the many problems which are entirely beyond our control, we’ll almost certainly make no progress in dealing with issues closer to home, and a failure to do so is likely to leave you in disarray.

So by all means (please) empathise with those less well-off, indeed help them when you can.

But perhaps it makes sense today to focus a large part of your ‘worry capacity’ on matters which you have the direct power to change?

3 thoughts on “Why it helps to focus your worries on what you can change

  1. This reminds me why I frequently turn off the hourly news on the radio, which repeatedly tells me about negative events that I have no control over. Being updated about news, once a day, at most is quite enough for me.
    Thank you Jon.

  2. Just brought my new dog too early from his investigative sedation… all else had
    be put on hold… Arnica seems to have helped, and now it’s head up and sniff around.
    My other dog, has been discretely watching, as they are good pals.

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