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Although I write a lot of Moodnudges posts (four a week) and often talk about my experiences, I’m aware I don’t write much about the other stuff that’s going on in my life.

Because of this, it would be easy to imagine I spend all day observing things in order to write Moodnudges posts, whereas in fact there’s plenty more happening.

Like this new Moodnudges video for instance:

Part of this reluctance to open up more is that as a kid I was brought up to believe that talking about yourself was selfish, and that in conversation you should therefore listen much more than you should speak.

Although the ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus said “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak”, I think I started out in life believing the ratio should be more like 20:1 rather than 2:1.

As I grew up, though, I started to see that a good conversation should be like a good dance.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with simply watching someone else dance, but people get the most from it when they dance together as partners.

I think the same goes for conversations.

My Moodnudges posts may, of course, seem like a one-way street. They could feel like monologues.

But I hope they don’t.

I write with the goal of creating a conversation with you in your mind. I want my words to spark your own thoughts, so you feel engaged rather than just a passive reader.

Today, though, and just occasionally in the future, I want to give you a small glimpse of what’s happening in my part of the world outside the Moodnudges blog.

For the last two months I’ve been excitedly working on a brand new book which will see the light of day later this year.

It’s a self-help workbook with a difference, and a few people who’ve already tried an early prototype found it worked for them. Always good.

More on the book soon.

But the other thing I quickly want to mention is that on a recent trip that Alex and I took up to Toronto, I recorded a short video that explains how Moodnudges works, and how the free four-times-a-week emails can help anyone whose mood needs lifting.

Please check it out and – very important – share it with someone who might also like to hear from me.

It should help them, and it will also help me in my mission to reach out to as many people as possible.

Thanks for allowing me to talk a little more personally today.

It means a lot.

19 thoughts on “Hello from me to you, on video

  1. Great video, informative and easy listening. Although I don’t comment much, my Moodnudges emails are a very important part of my day and week. It’s exactly what you said Jon, gentle, not heavy. Thought provoking. Sometimes challenging, sometimes affirming, always kind and supportive.
    I understand now the idea behind it, and I for one feel less need to see therapists etc (which I have occasionally) because I can tap into this resource. It’s wonderful to not feel alone!! Depression is something I too have grown expert at hiding.
    I find your posts have exactly the right balance of understanding/empathy and encouragement to strive to improve and take action, however small.
    Thank you!!

  2. Thank you Jon for a really restful and clear video about moodnudges, it has definitely helped me at times when I have been low; it helps me feel not so alone ,it’s like an understanding friend! Thank you so much for your compassionate approach and for trying to make a difference and help others with depression.

    1. Thanks Anna. We had fun shooting the video in Alex’s parents’ garden in Toronto, and I’m happy to hear you felt it made its point clearly and in a restful way. Lovely comments, thank you.

  3. What a great video Jon and shot in such beautiful surroundings. Your moodnudges so often resonate with my my own life and experiences of low mood/anxiety and depression . I check in every morning without fail and look forward to reading yours and others take on life and its ups and downs, this daily action has become a must do thing for me, just like cleaning my teeth each morning! It allows me not to feel alone when trying to cope with difficult times. Im looking forward to seeing your new book emerge too! I was privileged to see the prototype and to give some feedback, and I know it will help so many. Good luck .

    1. Thanks Janis. As I said to Anna, the surroundings were thanks to Alex’s parents. You were really helpful with looking at the book’s prototype, and your feedback – as well as that from others – has shaped the way the finished thing has evolved. Most of all, I’m happy to hear that the Moodnudges are doing what they’re supposed to do, for you. Thank you.

  4. Jon
    Thank so much for the video. It’s great to see you and your warmth and empathy really comes across. More video posts please. I always enjoy your posts even though I hardly ever post a reply. Looking forward to the book
    Love and best wishes

  5. A book in the offing? Oh, Jon, I can hardly wait! Watching your video this morning made the day brighter. Thank you so much for all that you do.

    Your fan for many years!
    ~ Lynne

    1. Thanks for such longtime and loyal support Lynne. I’m delighted to hear the video brightened your day. The book is shaping up nicely, actually. One little fun fact is that I wrote most of it in campus at Stanford University in a room that’s genuinely (and delightfully) known as the Gentlepersons’ Reading Room!

  6. Great, Jon, as ever. Clear, concise, soothing and honest. Strangely enough, your voice is much as I’d have expected it to be ( unless you’re using a decoy!!) and you did the video with great aplomb. 🙂

    Good to be reminded of Epictetus saying on listening, too. I am guilty as charged I think!

  7. Can only reiterate what everyone has said above, Jon. Well done! Great to see you again and hear you….have followed you since you spoke at my daughter’s school in Peterborough and you inspired me enough to join and follow Moodscope and Moodnudges every day you’re here! Thank you again! K

    1. Ah, thanks Karen. Kind of you to be so warmly supportive. And happy memories of spending an evening at the school formerly known as Peterborough High, alongside the esteemed David Moxon! Thank you for being such a great supporter.

  8. Hi Jon, Have been getting your emails for a few months now and have found them very useful. I’m just about to start my third year of a degree as a mature student with bi polar. I have a feeling your nudges will help me even more when things get stressful! Many thanks for your efforts. Darren.

  9. Hello so nice to put a face and voice to all of the helpful words that pop up in my inbox ( I need all of the help that I can get but have never been very good at reaching out .. ) thank you for being so generous . Thank you for being ‘there’ x

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