Getting the full facts can help gain a better perspective.

Even the luckiest individual will, at times, be faced with periods of ill-fortune.

Unfortunately it’s a fact of life that we’ll come up against challenges.

Maybe we, or those close to us, will struggle with ill-health.

Perhaps we’ll be hit with financial worries.

It could be that we’ll need to deal with relationship problems.

It would be an extremely rare person who lived their entire life free of adversity.

Having ways to successfully deal with crises is one of the most useful skills anyone can acquire, but fortunately it is exactly that: a skill that can be picked up.

You’ve only to look at small children learning how to deal with disappointment for proof of it being something that can be developed.


Here’s a useful tip.

When things go wrong, it’s an understandable reaction to assume the worst.

While this can make us feel worse, it’s probably more sensible than it would be to pretend that everything’s fine.

Burying your head in the sand is rarely a sensible strategy, even if you are an ostrich.

Often, however, we assume the worst simply because we don’t possess all the facts.

We fill in our knowledge gaps with general gloom, since this feels like the most appropriate thing to do.

This is where a little concerted fact-finding can come in.

Health problems may take on a more manageable perspective when you’ve got a better handle on their implications (usually from a professional – be ultra cautious if you’re relying on Google for your medical knowledge – if someone was going to remove my spleen, I’m certain I’d rather a surgeon performed the operation rather than a random internet user following a YouTube tutorial as he went).

If the problem involves money, begin by making an accurate list of all the amounts involved.

It may be easier to bounce back from relationship issues once the parties involved have a proper understanding of how each of them really feels.

Making sure you have the full facts about challenges may seem obvious.

But we don’t always do the obvious when met by misfortune.

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