Why generosity has little to do with money

Do you need to be well-heeled to be generous? Actually, I reckon money has precious little to do with it.

You can be generous with your praise.

A Mum, Dad and their four young children sat at the next table to me at breakfast one morning. The youngest occupied a high chair, all were impeccably behaved, so I complimented the parents as I got up to leave. Although it was no more than a few words from me, a total stranger, Mum and Dad looked momentarily surprised, then beamed in pride.


You can be generous with your time.

This has most impact when you feel as though you have little to give. Are you so busy that you’re ignoring someone important? Is your schedule really so full that you can’t give fifteen minutes to one of the people around you who’d really appreciate it? There are 96 quarter-hours today. Why not be generous with at least one of them?

You can be generous with your attention.

The next chance you have, why not go that extra mile to truly listen to someone you’re having a conversation with? Ask questions which allow them to elaborate on their stories, do your best to imagine yourself in their shoes, don’t change the subject until they’re ready to. Listen as hard as you can.

You can (and should always, please) be generous with your love.

In some aspects life may seem to move slowly, but inevitably our time together is finite. At the end of their days, do you think any man or woman has ever wished that they’d loved less? I think not. When you love someone, please let them know. Often.

Please give generously today, no matter how little you have in your purse or wallet.

5 thoughts on “Why generosity has little to do with money

  1. This is so true. I remember well getting home feeling demoralised after a disappointing day at work. On my answerphone was a message from someone thanking me for something I’d done and saying it had been just right for them. My whole evening was different as a result of their generosity in taking time and effort to leave that message for me. I hope I sometimes manage to do similar things for others.

  2. …am just off next door to visit neighbour who had a major stroke a year and a half ago and I try to pop in to see her most weeks but didn’t make it last week…
    Thanks for the reminder…feel like a bad llama when I don’t get there.

  3. Jon, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your mood nudges. I don’t comment on everyone but I do read everyone and find them interesting and that they do nudge my mood. Thank you 🙂

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