To get the most out of friendships, let others in.

I love other people’s book collections. There’s something fascinating about running your eye along their shelves, because I think you can tell a lot about someone from the literary company they keep.

A couple of months ago, someone I’ve known for a long time came to my office.

In a few seconds in front of my books, he’d got a pretty good handle on what inspires me. Almost completely non-fiction by the way.

Technology. Psychology. Self-help. Popular science. (I know, you’d already guessed this about me.)

I felt good knowing that he’d got a richer understanding of what’s important to me.

In general I think many of us enjoy it when someone gets to know us better, even though this can take a leap of faith on our part.

Sometimes, especially if your mood is a bit iffy, it’s easy to withdraw. To close-down rather than to open-up to others. To be inward rather than outward looking. To take rather than give.

But people want to understand you. They want to get to know you better.

If you let them.

So if you can, why not try to open up a little this week? Obviously only to people you trust, and obviously only appropriately.

But it can be good to share. Good to let someone in.

One thought on “To get the most out of friendships, let others in.

  1. Opening up is been the biggest change I have made in the past year. It changes you and your friends and you will be surprised how it improves your relationships. Wish I had done it sooner, makes you feel a lot less alone with problems.

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