Give yourself a break.

Many years ago, I worked in a printing factory.

It was dark, noisy and smelly, yet friendly, warm and welcoming.

Unlike most other working environments I’ve been in since, I particularly recall the way every day was driven by clocking in and out.

You started and finished at tightly defined times, and also took your lunch break (and even tea breaks) in a very prescribed way.

I know plenty of jobs are still subject to these kinds of rules and regulations, but these days quite a few aren’t.

More importantly perhaps, the chores and duties you perform at home are probably not being controlled by some external task-master, but are rather under your own control.

The owners of that printing factory all those years ago took the somewhat paternalistic view that we workers needed to be told when to down tools and take up our Thermos flasks.

But who’s telling you when to take a break when you’re busy at home?

Probably nobody.

Pushing yourself too hard really doesn’t make sense.

In fact you’ll almost certainly get your stuff done more quickly if you take five every now and then.

Work a bit, rest a bit.

It’s a decent philosophy, and very nearly a chocolate bar’s advertising slogan.

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