The mood hack that takes you back.

I’ve been thinking deeply about “mood hacks” — little actions designed to lift your mood, that you can take with almost immediate effect.

Recipes, almost. So here’s one I’m trying right now:

1. Think back to a time in your past that was particularly good for you, and pin down its month and year. I chose August 1979, when I got home after a year at art school in the US.

2. Head to Google, and type in “music from month, year” — so for me it was “music from august 1979.”

3. Follow a link from the results showing you the record charts for that month and year, in your country.

4. Looking down the list, pick a tune you can remember. Even better if it’s a “guilty pleasure,” as mine was.

5. Head over to YouTube, type in the song title and artist.

6. Then listen — intently — really trying to recall in rich detail how you felt when it was regularly on the radio, at a time when you were particularly enjoying life. I bet it can make you smile.

For example I’ve just been wigging out to Johnny Mathis doing his disco thing with Gone, Gone, Gone. And the memories have been flooding back.

You should find just about any piece of popular music on YouTube, and what a great way to give yourself a healthy dose of nostalgia.

3 thoughts on “The mood hack that takes you back.

  1. Funny I didn’t think of actively finding a song that made me feel good, since I avoid the radio because it can crash my mood with a song that makes me feel unhappy.

    1. Kris, in my opinion, for what it’s worth, it was definitely worth the small effort I made to do this. You pick your most memorable time..your favorite’s a win-win! I watched the music video and it took me right back to that special time in my me groovin’ a bit too..didn’t think I had it in me anymore! lol. Good luck to you..peace, D. Perry

  2. I tried this and I’m so glad I did. It’s been a rough year for me. I’m bipolar and my depression reared it’s ugly head and took hold of me. Im just now slowly coming out of the dark hole. I subscribe to Moodnudges. I get so much out of these mood-lifting posts. Thank you.
    By the way, my song was “Gonna Make You Sweat” by C & C Music Factory. I cant remember the last time i heard that song! I loved it all over again. It definitely took me back to a happier time.

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